Autumn is here and we’re excited for fall scents like Pomander Spice, Autumn Woods, Snickerdoodle, Warm Cider & Ginger! See Scent Descriptions on our Shop Page to help you choose your next favorite fall candle scent!

Why Alpine Bee Candles?

We hand pour our candles with a cause in mind…a bee cause. 5% of each sale is donated to assist various organizations in raising awareness of the plight and health of bee and other pollinator populations. The health of bees directly affects the availability of fresh food, (and honey!) and healthy flowers and trees. When you purchase Alpine Bee Candles, you are giving back to the bees.

Our Story

Alpine Bee is a small, family-­owned and operated natural beeswax candle company located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Our candles were created after searching for candles that didn’t contain carcinogenic chemicals, bleach, petroleum, metal wicks, and other ingredients we didn’t want to burn and breathe in our home. When we couldn’t find clean candles, we decided to make our own-we found local beeswax and started experimenting. After perfecting our recipe, we wanted to make clean, long burning, locally sourced beeswax candles for others to enjoy, too, and considered what kind of company we wanted to be. We decided to give back to the bees, via organizations raising awareness about honeybees and other pollinators and their struggling numbers due to disease, lack of habitat, pesticide and herbicide overuse and other problems. We have expanded our line since those early days but continue making clean candles using locally sourced beeswax coupled with the very best ingredients we can find, always with the bees in mind.

Glass Candles & Tin Candles

Alpine Bee Candles are available in 2 recycled glass container sizes and 3 tins, offering multiple options for home, office, travel, gifting and more! Alpine Bee Candles come in Natural scent (smells of warm honey!) or scented with Essential Oils which gives the beeswax a mild, pleasant scent to enjoy anywhere ambiance is appreciated but strong scent is not. No headaches from overpowering fragrances!

We also offer a line of scented candles using Essential Oil-based fragrance oil blends, which are stronger than our Essential Oil scents, but better than typical scented candles as our blends are phthalate-free and carefully chosen to compliment the subtle natural scent of beeswax. There’s something for everyone!

Currently all sizes in glass and tin styles are available in our signature Natural beeswax scent, scented with Essential Oils or with fragrance oil Scent Blends.
See drop-down menu for scent options when ordering.


provides structure to beehives and is made by wax-producing glands in the abdominal segments of worker honeybees. Once delicious honey is extracted from the comb/hive, the wax left behind is fairly clean of debris, is quite dense and a bright, beautiful yellow.  We clarify the wax with water before melting it into Alpine Bee Candles, and add a small amount of clean­-burning coconut oil to aid the wax in melting smoothly.