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Bees are pollinators, which directly affects the availability of fresh food (not to mention honey!), healthy flowers and trees. When you purchase Alpine Bee Candles, you are giving back to the bees via organizations researching and educating the public about pollinator health and populations.

The organization(s) your dollars are currently assisting through your purchase of Alpine Bee Candles:

butterfly pavillion’s pace program:

Pollinator Awareness through Conservation and Education…

One of every three bites of food eaten worldwide depends on pollinators. Without them, there would be no fruits, nuts, vegetables, oils or most flowers!Without pollinators, our food system would be in serious trouble. Without our help, pollinators will be too. PACE is an initiative led by Butterfly Pavilion to increase awareness of pollinators and promote habitat and species conservation and restoration. Through a combination of conservation and education programs, PACE works to create a better world for pollinators—making a better world for all of us.There are so many ways to get involved, and PACE makes it easy to help!

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