Alpine Bee Candles are perfect for homes, offices, spas, meditation spaces, yoga studios, therapeutic offices, salons and other spaces where ambiance is appreciated but strong scent is not. Candles make excellent housewarming and hostess/host gifts, gifts for teachers, gifts honoring a new arrival, and in gift baskets, (Realtors!). We sell our candles in lovely, simple glass and tin containers, including mini tins that are perfect for traveling. Both tin and glass containers are recyclable, (where facilities exist).

Alpine Bee Candles are now available scented with Essential Oils!
All natural essential oils give our candles a mild, pleasant scent to enjoy anywhere. No headaches from overpowering synthetic fragrances! See drop-down menu for scent options when ordering. Currently all sizes are available in our signature natural beeswax scent, or scented with essential oils.

Alpine Bee Candles make lasting, useful, beautiful gifts for all occasions; give a natural gift that gives back!